Fifth Generation SAILOMAT Self-Steering System for Sailboats 24-55 feet LOA
Introduction 2014
SAILOMAT 800. Click for higher resolution images.
Type: All mechanical, servo-pendulum system connected to yacht's main rudder by line circuit to wheel or tiller
Design principle: Servo-pendulum, state-of-the-art. Patents
Input signal: Air vane
Fit yachts: 24 - 55 feet LOA, custom designed system to fit all transom geometries and yacht characteristics
Rudder connection: Blocks and lines
Materials: High-strength aluminum marine alloy
Total height: 3.1 – 3.6 m
Weight: 19-21 kg (42-47 lbs)
Swing ability of blade: Unique, out of water, to near-upright position
Base: Compact universal mount, all transom slopes
Mounting of base: Simple, 3 bolts to hull
Off-center mounting: Possible, max 0.3 m off-center. To clear swim ladder, or fit walk-thru transom geometry
Removal from base: Simple and fast. Four bolts
Overload safety: Yes
Air vane: Near-horizontal axis, polycarbonate
Vane-to-oar ratio: Variable, to enhance performance
Servo blade: High aspect ratio, length 1.00-1.47 m (39-58 in.)
Price: Submit yacht details for quote
Patent and design: Stellan Knöös, Ph.D./aerospace engineering

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