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In 2005, SAILOMAT celebrated its 30 year anniversary of world leadership in design and manufacturing of self-steering systems for cruising sailboats, by introducing the SAILOMAT 700, replacing the SAILOMAT 601. Model 700 is a state-of-the-art all-mechanical wind-vane self-steering, designed to fit all cruising sailboats 24-50 feet LOA. In 2008, model 700 was replaced by the improved model 760.

Stellan Knöös

Each SAILOMAT 700/760 will be custom-sized for the individual application. The unique and superior technology is based on new patented design principles and high-tech manufacturing techniques, combined with 30 years of know-how from previous SAILOMAT models. It represents the fifth generation of self-steering systems designed and built and designed by SAILOMAT.

The SAILOMAT 700/760 systems are sold and delivered factory-direct world-wide from our Design Office in San Diego, USA, while the system components are primarily manufactured in Europe.

I will personally attempt to assist each individual SAILOMAT customer, and to give my best professional recommendations for a successful and best possible SAILOMAT installation on each individual yacht.

Please contact SAILOMAT by direct e-mail, or fill out the contact form in our web site, for our further assistance in designing and selecting the optimum SAILOMAT self-steering configuration for your yacht.

Stellan Knöös

Happy Sailing!

Stellan Knöös
Manager, company founder
Ph.D. Aerospace Engineering


For reference, we have included portions of the previous website describing SAILOMAT 601.
Much of the SAILOMAT 601 information is pertinent also to the new SAILOMAT 700/760.
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