To receive a price quote for a custom-sized SAILOMAT 800-series self-steering system to fit your particular yacht, please fill out and e-mail us the form in the Contact section of this website. We will respond by e-mail with a SAILOMAT 800-series proposal and a price, including shipping cost.

From time to time we may also have used SAILOMAT systems, demo or exhibit units, or private resale units at discounted prices.

All systems are sold on a pre-payment basis, normally by bank-to-bank wire transfer.

Shipping options include: United Parcel Service (USA and Canada), DHL (worldwide), DHL Express (Europe), FedEx (worldwide), Priority Parcel Post (USA).

Worldwide delivery.
Warranty: 3 years, limited, first owner's use.

Design and specifications subject to change without notice. Neither manufacturer nor seller shall be liable for any damage or consequential damage to yacht(s) and person(s) due to failure of the SAILOMAT equipment or misuse of the same.

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