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Dear Customer,

Stellan KnöösThank you for your interest in SAILOMAT and welcome to this Web Site. We hope that our present material contains sufficient and valuable information in order for you to select the best overall self-steering system for your cruising yacht: The SAILOMAT 601.

Since the start in 1974, when I founded the SAILOMAT company, with manufacturing facilities in Europe and the design office and factory-direct sales located in USA, our team has been recognized as a pioneer and innovator in the development and building of sailboat quality self-steering systems for all sailboats up to 65 feet LOA. Today, the SAILOMAT has grown to be the world's most respected manufacturer and unchallenged leader in this specialty field.

The proven and well established SAILOMAT 601-series is our fourth generation of production self-steering systems. Using the established 'servo-pendulum' principle, the advanced SAILOMAT 601 design is based on several of our most recent patents, years of extensive engineering development work and ocean testing. First introduced in 1992, the SAILOMAT 601 series was recently upgraded, including further improvements and simplicity in mounting to any hull size and shape, enhanced and unmatched bearing technology suited for high bearing loads in the emergency steering mode, as well as improvements and refinements in component design and material selection for even higher strength and corrosion resistance for the light-alloy design..

The SAILOMAT 601 systems thus incorporate many years of professional engineering development work and practical sailing experiences gathered from over 2000 systems delivered worldwide to blue water cruising and racing yachts. The SAILOMAT 601 represents the ultimate in self-steering, with superior overall steering performance, unmatched strength (over 5 times stronger than next competitor), simpler handling, far simpler installation- including the possibility of unique off-center mounting, enhanced light-wind sensitivity, and conversion capability to emergency steering, using an optional new rudder blade extension ('BEST').

The SAILOMAT office in San Diego, USA specializes in sailboat self-steering and offers free professional assistance and advice to customers worldwide. We invite you to contact us directly with your particular self-steering request or questions. Please include a scale drawing and yacht specifications (submit simplest by e-mail), so we can better assist you with equipment selection and further recommendations. I will personally review every such proposal, and give my best professional advice from over 30 years experience of self-steering design and manufacturing - your guarantee that the SAILOMAT system recommended for your yacht will perform to its full potential and to your satisfaction.

Happy sailing!
Stellan Knöös
SAILOMAT Manager and Company Founder
Ph.D. in Aerospace Engineering

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